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Climate change also have an effect on golf courses

Apart from the usual maintenance tasks on a golf course, many sometimes forget that, like any other agricultural crop, we are subject to inclement weather. La Niña, for example, could last until 2023, warns the UN.

This phenomenon, which is lasting longer than expected, is causing abundant rainfall in Panama, already abundant at this time of year, as can be seen in the following map:

clima grafico

Not only is the player's playability affected, golf course flooding can cause serious damage that leaves a lasting impact on its terrain. Flooding conditions severely impair daily maintenance and access to many areas of a golf course by cutting machines. Soil saturation occurs over long periods leading to oxygen deprivation and turf death in areas without adequate drainage. In severe situations, soil removal and turf restoration may be necessary to remedy affected areas. Beyond the damage caused by flooding, deposits of silt, branches and debris impede routine maintenance. Flooding can also damage golf course structures by washing away bridges.

Last week we suffered the consequences of climate change at Coronado Golf, as can be seen in the photos below:

inundacion campo

Bunkers are especially susceptible to erosion, collapsing their slopes and contaminating the sand. Repairs can take days, weeks, or even months to complete and can also be very costly.

inundacion campo de golf

If a golf course reopens too soon after flooding, the chance of secondary damage increases. Saturated turf areas can become compacted and rutted by cart and player traffic. Compacted soil in moist areas can lose its structure, porosity, and the ability to present a high-quality surface.

inundacion campo golf

But there is nothing that a professional team with good will cannot solve!

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