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About Us

We are a landscaping and gardening company specializing in large complexes, comprised of a team of highly skilled professionals capable of developing innovative ecological management solutions, sustainable over the long term, and tailored to each vision and need.

With over 30 years of extensive experience in the sector, we integrate cutting-edge tools and technologies to provide quality service to our clients. Our team has the highest level of technical qualification that guarantees quality in the design, construction and subsequent maintenance of our projects and services.

We operate in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Panama, and Florida (USA), offering effective and practical solutions for landscape creation, maintenance, and treatment.

At Green Garden Corp., we work closely with clients to provide efficient solutions in terms of cost reduction, short-term investment amortization, and added value such as an increase in the aesthetic and functional quality of the landscape in the areas we develop
Somos Green Garden Corp.

Somos Green Garden Corp.

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