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community maintenance in the basic school CONCEPCIÓN BONA

In order to support the community and strengthen ethical values ​​in society, we have carried out community gardening maintenance in schools and sectors of Bávaro - Punta Cana - Miches in the Dominican Republic.

Voluntariado de jardineria Green Garden Corp.

Yesterday we carried out the development of the garden of the Concepción Bona Basic School so that students can enjoy the facilities and practice sports.

Voluntariado Green Garden Corp.

Once the pruning was done, the school students decided to participate in the collection of garden waste to support the optimization of their school rest area.

niño en el jardin
Niños colaboran con Green Garden Corp.

With this type of actions, we want to highlight the importance of raising awareness among the youngest about physical exercise, sustainability, mutual collaboration and respect for nature.

Voluntariado equipo Green Garden Corp.

We are proud to be able to collaborate for a better future for the Dominican people.

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