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Since the day Edwin Budding invented the first mechanized lawn mower in 1830, there has been constant improvement in the condition and playability of greens. Today, cutting is one of the main practices used by superintendents or greenkeepers to achieve smooth and fast greens.

cesped golf
cesped campo de golf

 Césped Paspalum Vaginatum 

Given the climatic conditions of the Dominican Republic, the task of cutting the green is carried out daily.


Frequent mowing helps greenkeepers maintain high playability turf by providing several short- and long-term benefits:

  • controls vertical growth

  • helps grass spread laterally

  • promotes high shoot density

  • produces smooth surfaces

  • creates less friction with the golf ball

  • increases the speed of the greens for the enjoyment of the players.

cortadora green Toro Flex

 Cortadora Toro Greenmaster Flex 21 

On the other hand, properly sharpened and adjusted mowers do a better job of cutting grass blades cleanly and evenly. This benefits the health of the turf and the quality of the playing surface.

The operator guides the mower back and forth across the green in straight lines, creating an attractive stripe pattern.

 Alberto Santana con una cortadora Toro Greenmaster Flex 21 

Another basic concept of mowing greens is determining the height of cut. This setting is completely particular to the course and is determined by the superintendent based on turf type, topography of the greens, seasonal growth rate, and desired speed of the greens.


What may be appropriate in one field may not be in another. A very important point, which is often misunderstood, is that not all grasses are created equal. A cutting height that is considered appropriate for bentgrass (Agrostis) might not be appropriate for Poa annua, Bermuda ultradwarf, or Paspalum, as is the case here.

Determining the height of cut depends not only on the type of grass, but also on equipment, expectations, and labor availability. All grasses have a cutting height tolerance. It is typical for the height of cut to adjust up and down throughout the year based on seasonal growth rates and in response to stressful environmental conditions. Proper mower setup is necessary to achieve the desired cutting height and playability. Proper adjustment is critical to producing a correct cut, higher quality greens, and desired green speed.

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