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Collaboration with Migdal Arquitectos for its new Residential project in Mérida Yucatán, in the new expansion area of ​​the city, in front of the Isla shopping center, carried out with our tropicalized design and execution of the work by Green Garden in 2021.


HAVEN obra

In September 2023, we enriched the plant palette to adapt to the new semi-shaded areas and reduce the influence of saline wind. Our initial focus is on the gazebo, where we incorporate a diversity of palms, such as Bismarkias, Fishtail, Caribbean and Coconut palms, along with other tree species.

We carry out the renovation and design of green areas in the pool. The design carried out was with native vegetation in order to generate a Caribbean and sustainable visual for the site.

Hotel pool

The reform and design was carried out in some green areas. The plant palette was changed with different types of plants. We played with shadow and gave small touches of color with the selection of plants, using light-dark in the stone elements. With organic shapes we highlighted some areas, as was the case of some beautiful and large agaves that needed to be showcased.

Tierra y Armonía inmobiliaria nos invita a participar en la ejecución de las áreas verdes del camper de ventas. Continuamos con la vegetación en camellones y laterales de la vialidad que lleva al ingreso del complejo, vistiendo de verde este camino hacia el pórtico principal, en esta vegetación no solo tenemos plantas de porte medio también hemos reforestado con árboles de porte medio y alto. 

Kulkana camellon
hotel restaurant plants

The hotel placed its trust in our team to carry out the creation and maintenance of the green areas in its Theme Restaurants project. Working closely with the landscape design team, we have played a key role in the tropical transformation of this space.

We began the landscaping project in the second phase of the hotel with the irrigation system and continued with the design of the plantation carried out by the Green Garden Corp team. The project contemplates a diversity between trees, palm trees, middle and lower strata giving that richness visual that characterizes the hotel.

royalton riviera
camellon vidanta jardinero

We carried out the reforestation of the median in front of the Vidanta entrance, using the design created by our team. This arose due to the need to return plant life to this area, as it had to be removed due to the construction of the Mayan train. Now, thanks to Grupo Vidanta's new route, we have had the opportunity to return its splendor to the landscape through a design and renovation that we now maintain.

Residential development where nature and architectural design come together to create an environment of complete well-being. Our team worked hand in hand with landscaping the entrance and showroom of this space of international stature located in the Mayan Riviera.


In 2021 we collaborated in the design of the EDSA architecture studio to then carry out the work in conjunction with the landscaping of the hotel and outdoor areas, roundabouts, ridges and green roofs.

Etereo Kanai resort
tulum 101

Project inspired by nature, the proposed landscaping is enhancing the vegetation of the place and giving light touches of color with the flowers and leaves.

Inspired by the nature, roots and origins of the Mayan culture, the natural and exuberant environment is fused with a unique design. In 2020 we carried out a complete remodeling where we changed the previous  gardens with a succession of hedges and bushes to transform it. 

bahia principe tulum
Proyecto jardín vertical Grand Palladium

In 2018 we carried out the landscape project interacting with the existing design. In addition, we collaborated in the design of the 'infinity' pool creating optical illusion of a natural tunnel, or spring, using palm trees tilted towards the pool.

In 2019 we designed the landscaping and irrigation work and then we executed the project work together with a green roof over the hotel dome.

catalonia garden

In 2019 we participated in the remodelling, design and construction of the green areas. The execution of the project involved the proper conservation of mangroves around the hotel, as well as the richness of the natural attributes of the place.

Our partition began in 2018 with the tropicalization and adaptation of the original design of the project's Zyman & Zyman studio. A plant palette was created that could adapt to the conditions of the architectural project and the area.

planet hollywood
senator cancun

In 2018, Green Garden was in charge of planting all the palm trees in the beach area, making sure to choose salinity-tolerant specimens.

The landscape design was carried out by the architecture studio KVR Arquitectura de Paisaje in 2018. We were in charge of designing and executing the installation of the hotel's automatic irrigation system. We also carry out the reforestation and naturalization of the coastal dune that separates the facilities from the beach.

haven hotel
Fives Downtown muro

In 2018 we carried out the design and execution of the green wall or vertical garden, locating various types of plants according to their irrigation and lighting conditions. In addition, since 2018, we carry out maintenance.

In 2018, all the green areas of the hotel were renovated, improving the irrigation system and including tropical ornamentals.

Coral Level

In 2018, the landscaping design was carried out and the subsequent execution of gardening and irrigation. In the building facing the sea, Washintonias Robustas of 10m height were planted.

In 2018, Green Garden carried out the design and installation of a 30,000m2 automated irrigation system.

Iberostar Selection Cancún
paradisus cancun

In 2017 our participation focused on the design and improvement and expansion of the automated irrigation system.

In 2017, the hotel carried out some reforms and extension of areas that we later carried out their landscaping, which basically consisted of expanding the irrigation system, planting coconut palms, adding topsoil and installing some 20,000 m2 of grass San Agustin.

BlueBay Grand Esmeralda
grand palladium mexico

The design was carried out in collaboration with the EDSA architecture studio in 2017. With the 'infinity' the optical effect of a natural tunnel, or spring, was created using palm trees "fallen" towards the pool.

We collaborated on the design with landscape designer David Odishoo and carried out the execution of the work in 2016 and 2017 adapting our processes to the climatic conditions of the area.

ocean riviera paradise

In 2016, in addition to executing the work, the design of the landscaping and the irrigation system was carried out. The good selection of species made during the design, depending on whether they were sunny, shaded or semi-shaded areas, squares, interiors or avenues, marked the success of the garden.

In 2016, we carried out the reform of the green areas after a study of what existed. We made a landscaping proposal, substituting species and providing diversity of leaves, colors and rhythms, we integrated the Caribbean style into the landscaped space, giving the hotel its identity.

Hard Rock Cancún
complejo iberostar playa paraiso


In 2016, we carried out several landscaping improvements in most of the green areas of the common areas of the complex, from the theater, gym, shopping center, main entrance and avenues. All this with the plant produced in the nursery of the same complex.

In 2015, important improvements and adjustments were made to the various public areas of the complex, such as the main entrance, motor lobbies and swimming pools. For this, most of the plant that we produced in the complex's nursery, which is in our charge, was used. A complete remodeling of the entrance from the federal was also carried out.

hard rock riviera maya
Residencias by Lorena Ochoa en Grand Coral

We have the maintenance of luxury residences as is the case of the firm Lorena Ochoa, since 2014, where our maintenance has been a commitment to ​​excellent quality service since the beginning.  

The Nick Price condominium is an example of our high quality in luxury residential maintenance, where landscaping is a hallmark and a reflection of the firm with which we work since 2011.

nick price

In 2010, we began maintenance of green areas with the premise of a "Luxury Residences" condominium in 2010, maintaining quality and improving the expectations of our clients, which is why we have continued to do its maintenance for more than 10 years.

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